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A beautiful drawing is already halfway there. That’s why today we want to show you how to create the perfect drawing very easily. You only need a pencil, an eraser, and a black fineliner or thin marker. Today, we’ll be drawing this rabbit:


Learn how to draw a bunny easter forest animals drawing instruct

Step 1

You’re best off starting with the pencil. Especially at the beginning, it’s not so easy to allocate the space correctly. It’s great to be able to erase! In the first step, we start with a simple circle. But first, take a look at the instructions. You’ll notice that you need some space above and to the left of the circle. After all, a rabbit naturally has long ears and needs a head.

bunny pencil drawing

Step 2

Now, add another smaller round shape for the head. It’s not really round, but rather a bit flat. 

bunny pencil drawing

Step 3

Be sure to maintain the distances and lengths of the lines accurately while drawing.

bunny pencil drawing

Step 4

We’re adding more details to the drawing. Now it’s starting to look like a cute rabbit, isn’t it?

bunny pencil drawing

Step 5

We’re finalizing the pencil drawing of our rabbit with the last details. Are all the lines and shapes from the drawing guide on our paper? Don’t forget the cute whiskers!

bunny pencil drawing

Step 6

Now it’s time for the black fineliner. Trace over your pencil drawing neatly. Also, take a look at the last step in the instructions, as often there are additional details to add. Soft fur, paws, or whiskers will make your drawing really lovely.

bunny pencil drawing + fineliner

Step 7

Now you’re almost done! Let your drawing dry for a moment. Sometimes, you might smudge it a bit otherwise. Then, erase all the pencil lines. Doesn’t the rabbit look great?

bunny fineliner

And now? If you enjoyed this guide, why not take a look at our coloring instructions as well? There, you’ll see how you can color your rabbit with markers. Do you prefer coloring with colored pencils? Then just give it a try – you can’t go wrong! Or look into our tips about coloring a robin with colored pencils.


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