How to color your drawing with markers

Now it’s getting colorful

A beautiful drawing can stand on its own. However, sometimes adding color just makes it even more beautiful. With color, you can give your drawing a very personal touch. Moreover, many animals and plants have very striking colors they are known for. Just think of the throat of a robin or the beautiful yellow flowers of a dandelion. You can color your picture with a variety of colors. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Some people prefer markers, others colored pencils or watercolors. However, today we’ll be coloring our rabbit with markers. You should have already drawn the lines for this. (You can find the instructions for drawing the rabbit here.)


Step 1

When coloring with markers, we work from light to dark. That means you start with the light colors. So, take a look at the instructions and pick out the lightest colors. For the rabbit, this is a very light gray. You can also use a light brown or a light yellow if you don’t have a gray marker.

learn to color with markers

Step 2

Another light color is the pink of the ears and nose.

step 3 bunny color pink

Step 3

Now, the main color comes into play: use a beautiful brown to color the rabbit. Make sure to color neatly and not to paint over the light gray areas.

bunny pencil drawing

Step 4

With a dark brown, you can now draw shadows. Draw small strokes in the direction of the fur to make the rabbit look nice and fluffy. Think about the direction of the light. If ot comes from the upper left side for example, the right lower parts would appear darker.

learn to color with markers

Step 5

The rabbit is now finished, but if you like, you can add some grass now. Perhaps you have other ideas as well. How about drawing a tasty carrot for your rabbit? Or you could add a few Easter eggs, and you’ll have a card to give away at Easter.

learn to color with markers

Well, did you enjoy coloring with markers? Which pens one prefers really comes down to personal preference. If you’d like, you can also try coloring a drawing with colored pencils. Sometimes, it’s easier to achieve shading with them by applying different pressures. We also have a guide for that:


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