So zeichnest du Coverbild

Step by step towards your drawing

That’s how our drawing instructions works

Vogel zeichnen Schritt 1

Draw the guide step by step with a pencil. The pink lines show you which lines are new in this step. Try to draw slowly and attentively, making sure to match the lines and distances exactly as in the guide. Do not press too hard with the pencil, or it will be difficult to erase the strokes later.

Vogel zeichnen Schritt 2

In the final step, neatly trace over the lines with a black fineliner, let it dry for a moment and then erase the pencil strokes. Now you can also add details, such as fur or feathers, by indicating them with small strokes.

Vogel zeichnen Schritt 3

If you feel like it, you can now bring color to the picture. You can use markers or colored pencils for this, depending on what you prefer. It’s best to start with the light colors and then add shadows afterwards.

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Learn how to draw a snail forest animals drawing instruction

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