Learn to draw an elephant baby

Learn to draw an elephant baby

Elephants – Strong Animals

Elephant babies may be very cute, but they are also truly strong little animals. The babies weigh around 100 kg at birth. That’s already quite a lot, but still much less compared to the adult elephants, which can weigh up to 7.5 tons. That’s about as much as five or six cars – quite a lot! We think elephants are awesome. With their trunk and large ears, they are easy to recognize and fun to draw. The same applies, of course, to elephant babies, except they are also just incredibly cute! So, grab your drawing pencils and let’s get started with our drawing project today.

Drawing an elephant baby made easy

Step 1) Draw a circle and an oval for the body and head.

Step 2) The trunk resembles a slightly tilted “2”. Make sure the eye is below the center of the oval. Then add four ovals at the bottom. These will become the elephant baby’s feet.

Step 3) When drawing the ear, note that it is not completely round. For the trunk, it’s important that it’s relatively thick at the head and then tapers to the right. The four small circles will become the elephant’s joints, where it bends its legs while walking.

Step 4) Complete the elephant’s legs with slightly curved lines. The hind leg has a bit more curve in the line – this is important!

Step 5) Finally, add many details to bring your drawing to life. Also, erase many guidelines that are no longer needed in this step.

Step 6) Now, redraw your drawing neatly with a black fineliner. The ears can be slightly wavy, but don’t overdo it!

Your elephant baby is ready! If you like, you can now color your drawing. You can find coloring tips here.

Learn how to draw a baby elephant animal drawing instruction