Learn how to draw a chick *easter*

Learn how to draw a chick *easter*

Hop into Spring: Learn to Draw Easter Chicks!

Drawing a chick is an egg-cellent way to celebrate Easter and unleash your creativity! These fluffy little birds are not only adorable but also incredibly fun to draw.

Imagine the excitement of bringing your own Easter-themed scene to life, complete with cute chicks peeking out of colorful Easter eggs or frolicking in a field of flowers. With each drawing, you’ll spread the joy and magic of Easter to everyone who sees your artwork.

So grab your art supplies and get ready to have a good time as you draw adorable Easter chicks. With each drawing, you’ll capture the spirit of Easter and spread smiles to all who see your artwork.

How to Draw Chicks

First, we need two circles. They are the bodies of the chicks. Then draw two slightly smaller ovals for the head. Add two small circles for the feet. Pay attention to the distances from the body! Add lines for the legs and necks. Next, you’ll need two circles for the eyes. With beaks, wings, and the first claws, the chicks are already recognizable. Draw the feathers somewhat jaggedly and add more details to make your chicks look really cute. Now, trace the chicks cleanly with a fineliner and erase any unnecessary pencil lines. Pay close attention to the drawing to see how the chick looks in detail. Don’t forget, for example, the small lines on the legs or the lines indicating the feathers.

Learn how to draw chicken chicks easter farm animals drawing ins
Learn how to draw a tractor

Learn how to draw a tractor

Popular vehicle on the farm

A sunny morning on the farm – birds chirping happily, flowers blooming, and in the distance, the hum of tractors. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive one of these powerful tractors to plow fields or make hay? Well, today we invite you to a special adventure – we’ll draw a tractor together!

Tractors are like heroes of the farm. They help farmers do heavy work like plowing fields, mowing grass, and transporting materials. But tractors aren’t just practical – they’re also pretty cool-looking vehicles! Their big wheels, sturdy cabin, and bright colors make them fascinating machines.

Would you like to learn how to draw a tractor? It’s easy! Follow me step by step, and soon you’ll have your own tractor on paper. Maybe you even want to draw a whole farm scene with tractors, animals, and a farmhouse. Your imagination has no limits!

Step-by-step guide to drawing a tractor

And off we go with your first tractor! Start with two circles. A big one and a small one – these will be the mighty wheels of the tractor later on. In the next step, add the cabin. For this, draw a rectangle. It’s almost square, but there’s a slight slope on the right side. Just redraw all the red lines. Then comes an arch for the hood. A thin crescent shape forms the fender on the rear wheel. In step 4, many small details are added, including a ladder to climb into the tractor. Also, erase parts of the cabin at the rear wheel. In step 5, the tires get their profile with the help of a jagged line. In addition, a steering wheel, a mirror, and other nice details are added. Your tractor is now almost ready!

In step 6, you can trace everything neatly with a black fine liner. Great job getting this far! Now you can color your finished tractor beautifully. If you like, you can add a background to your tractor. Maybe a vast green field where the tractor is working, or a sunny sky above it. That’s entirely up to you!

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Learn how to draw a running horse

Learn how to draw a running horse

The happiness of the earth lies on the back of horses

Many children love horses. They are very graceful yet powerful. If you love horses too, we have a great offer for you: draw your own horse! With our guide, you will surely succeed, even though horses are among the more difficult animals to draw. This is mainly due to their four long legs. Therefore, try to follow the drawing instructions exactly and estimate the positions of the individual shapes accurately. And if it doesn’t work out at first: brush it off. Even drawing professionals encounter this. Just try again. But now – grab your drawing pencils and find a cozy spot to draw.

Drawing a horse made easy

  • Draw three ovals. Pay special attention to the distances, otherwise your horse won’t look so nice later on.
  • Connect the larger ovals with lines. They form the body of the horse. The eye is located quite high, not in the middle as one might think.
  • Now draw the neck. You can also indicate the tail with a wavy line. It’s not so important to be very precise here. After all, a horse’s tail flies in one direction or the other.
  • Now the legs come into play. It’s important that they are thicker at the top than at the bottom. Make sure to connect the right circles with each other.
  • Finally, add hooves and a wild mane. The mane can be somewhat jagged, as the horse gallops after all.

Then you can redraw your horse cleanly with a black fineliner. Then you can decide whether you want to color the horse. You can use brown earth tones like us or create a colorful fantasy horse. If you paint the mane in rainbow colors and then draw a horn on the head, you’ll get a pretty unicorn.

Learn how to draw a running horse farm animals drawing instruction
Learn how to draw a cow

Learn how to draw a cow

Learning to draw a cow

Today, we want to look at how to draw a cow. Drawing a cow is usually not quite easy. Many struggle with proportions and drawing the four legs well. However, if you look closely at a cow, you’ll notice that it also consists of simple basic shapes: circles, rectangles, and lines. As always with drawing: you just need to know how! By the way, it’s worth trying to draw more challenging animals as well. Over time, you’ll become more confident in estimating distances and sizes correctly. But of course, it’s also okay if you want to start with something simpler first. For example, learning to draw a crab, a sheep, or a cute unicorn.

Step by step to the popular farm animal

When drawing the cow, pay special attention to the correct distances. The legs are particularly tricky. So, don’t just quickly draw the small circles anywhere. Look closely: how close are the circles to the body? Are they all the same height? When you connect the circles with lines, you’ll surely notice that cow legs have a direction. The front legs are almost straight. However, the hind legs seem to be bent to the right. This may seem strange to you while drawing, but it makes your cow even more realistic. If you observe closely here, you’ll learn to draw well over time. Drawing and painting are closely related to observation. When you’re finished, outline your drawing neatly with a black pen. Then you can draw the cowhide pattern. This is fun, and you can confidently dare to come up with your own pattern.

Learn how to draw a cow farm animals drawing instruction
Learn how to draw a border collie dog

Learn how to draw a border collie dog

The Border Collie – playful and smart

Border Collie, German Shepherd, Dachshund, Pug… There are many hundreds of dog breeds. And how different they all look! Hard to imagine that they all have the same ancestors. Today we’ll show you how to draw a Border Collie. These dogs are especially playful and curious. They are also very smart! If you have a Border Collie as a pet, you should spend a lot of time with them. Then you can teach them some great tricks. Because this cute dog learns quickly!

Drawing a Border Collie step by step

The journey to your own Border Collie drawing isn’t so far. Simply follow our step-by-step drawing guide.

First, all you need to do is draw a circle. And then below it, draw a larger oval, roughly twice as tall as the upper circle. In the next step, the dog even gets its eyes and its snout. The snout looks a bit like a three lying on its back, don’t you think? Additionally, draw a curve on the bottom end of the long oval, on both the left and right sides. Below the oval, add two small circles. These will later become the front paws of the Border Collie. 

Look closely at each image in the drawing guide to see which lines are added. You can identify the new lines by their pink color. Still unsure about the process? Refer to our guide.

Special tips for your drawing:

For the Border Collie, the fluffy fur is particularly characteristic. So, at the end, you can make all the lines a bit jagged when tracing your pencil drawing with a fine liner. But be careful! Eyes, nose, and snout should remain smooth lines. Otherwise, your dog might look strange.

Additionally, what clearly distinguishes the Border Collie is its black-and-white coloring. The animal typically has a white belly and a white snout. An important detail is the white stripe that goes from the snout up over the forehead. The front legs and hind paws are also white. You can color the rest of the dog black or dark brown.

Learn how to draw a border collie dog farm animals drawing