Learn how to draw a running horse

The happiness of the earth lies on the back of horses

Many children love horses. They are very graceful yet powerful. If you love horses too, we have a great offer for you: draw your own horse! With our guide, you will surely succeed, even though horses are among the more difficult animals to draw. This is mainly due to their four long legs. Therefore, try to follow the drawing instructions exactly and estimate the positions of the individual shapes accurately. And if it doesn’t work out at first: brush it off. Even drawing professionals encounter this. Just try again. But now – grab your drawing pencils and find a cozy spot to draw.

Drawing a horse made easy

  • Draw three ovals. Pay special attention to the distances, otherwise your horse won’t look so nice later on.
  • Connect the larger ovals with lines. They form the body of the horse. The eye is located quite high, not in the middle as one might think.
  • Now draw the neck. You can also indicate the tail with a wavy line. It’s not so important to be very precise here. After all, a horse’s tail flies in one direction or the other.
  • Now the legs come into play. It’s important that they are thicker at the top than at the bottom. Make sure to connect the right circles with each other.
  • Finally, add hooves and a wild mane. The mane can be somewhat jagged, as the horse gallops after all.

Then you can redraw your horse cleanly with a black fineliner. Then you can decide whether you want to color the horse. You can use brown earth tones like us or create a colorful fantasy horse. If you paint the mane in rainbow colors and then draw a horn on the head, you’ll get a pretty unicorn.

Learn how to draw a running horse farm animals drawing instruction


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