Learn to draw a graceful swan

Learn to draw a graceful swan

Discover the joy of drawing: A swan in 5 steps

Did you know that swans are among the largest flying birds? Today, let’s take a look together at how you can learn to draw these elegant animals. When you draw a swan, you can let your imagination run wild! You can decide how your swan should look – with a long neck, elegant wings, and perhaps even swimming on a picturesque lake. Let your imagination take flight!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your pens and paper and dive into the wonderful world of swan drawing! Let your creativity soar and experience the joy as your swan slowly comes to life. Once you’ve drawn your swan, you can proudly showcase your artwork! Show it to your family, your friends, or hang it on your wall to decorate your room.

Happy drawing!

Step by step drawing a swan

  1. Let’s start simple: draw a semicircle at the bottom of your sheet. But leave some space for some water. Also add an oval, which will later become the swan’s head.
  2. Now add a curved neck and a slanted “U” for the wings. At the bottom, draw a wavy line for the water – the exact shape of the wave doesn’t matter, but try not to make it too curvy. The head is complemented by an eye, pay close attention to its position!
  3. Now give the neck some more volume: simply draw two lines at an equal distance around the neck line. A small “U” becomes the swan’s beak. Also, add wings and tail feathers.
  4. Now it’s time to erase some guidelines. Additionally, add details like feathers and further refine the face.
  5. Trace everything with a black fineliner and erase the pencil lines (Caution: let the drawing dry briefly first!) Then you can color your drawing as you like.
Learn how to draw a white swan bird drawing instruction
Learn to Draw a Dolphin

Learn to Draw a Dolphin

Dive into Fun: Learn to Draw Dolphins!

Exploring the world of drawing dolphins is like diving into a magical underwater adventure! Dolphins are super cool creatures with sleek bodies and friendly smiles, just like in your favorite storybooks.

Imagine picking up your crayons or pencils and bringing these amazing animals to life on paper! With each stroke, you’ll discover how to capture the dolphin’s playful spirit and graceful movements.

As you draw, you’ll learn all about the special features that make dolphins so unique, from their curved fins to their shiny, smooth skin. And hey, did you know that dolphins love to jump and play in the waves? You can show that in your drawing too!

Drawing dolphins isn’t just about making pretty pictures. It’s a chance to explore your imagination and express yourself in a fun and colorful way. So grab your art supplies and get ready for an ocean of creativity and joy as you learn to draw your very own dolphins!

Here’s how to draw a dolphin:

Before you begin, you can see roughly how the picture should look at the end. We’ve drawn a dolphin leaping out of the water into the air. The same drawing works for a dolphin underwater too. Then you just need to draw the background slightly differently. Is the dolphin your first project from “Learn to Draw Online”? Then it’s best to check out our guide beforehand.

But now let’s get started! For your dolphin drawing, start with a curved line. It should look a bit like a half-circle. Then add the snout and dorsal fin. The fin is roughly in the middle of the curved line. Now we’re at step three of the drawing guide. Here you draw the mouth – by the way, a smile suits the dolphin very well. Also, close the body in this step. Next, place the eye a little behind the corner of the mouth. Finally, the dolphin just needs its tail fin and two pelvic fins. The drawing is done! And coloring isn’t difficult either: dolphins are usually blue-gray. Their smooth bodies shine when they leap out of the water. You can paint a few bright highlights on the top of the dolphin for this.

How do you like your own dolphin drawing? Soon we’ll offer you a few more marine creatures as drawing tutorials, so stay tuned and come back soon!

Learn how to draw a dolphin ocean drawing instruction