Learn how to draw a seagull

Learn how to draw a seagull

Seagulls are here, the sea is near!

The squawking of the seagulls indicates that the sea is not far away. We in Hamburg see these birds almost daily. Whether they’re perched on a railing, floating on the canal water, or loudly screeching through the air. Perhaps you also like these birds and want to learn how to draw a seagull yourself? Then you’re in the right place at our art school!

Of course, there are several species of seagulls. Today, we’ve chosen the Laughing Gull for drawing. This species is relatively small, and you can recognize it by its black head. But beware! Because in winter, the Laughing Gull doesn’t have a black head. It’s white then.

Drawing a seagull step by step

Before we start, take a close look at the instructions below. If you don’t have much experience with our art schools yet, you can find a more detailed guide here too.

Ready? Then start with Step 1. The seagull gets an oval body and a curved line for the wing. You can imagine this line like an elongated S, not too rounded. In the second step, draw a beak and a round eye on the bird’s head. Also, connect the S-tip to the rest of the body to close the wing. Roughly sketch the feet too. Almost done!

In the next step, add a centerline to the beak and draw it a bit further into the head. Because it looks smaller from this perspective, suggest the second wing small behind the other one. Additionally, our seagull drawing needs a tail. Attach it to the back of the body. If you want to paint the seagull with a black head like in the example, you can draw the line for it here.

For the final touch of the drawing, we added several lines to the wings to show the long flight feathers. You can also emphasize the tail feathers with such lines.

In steps 4 and 5, we added a few more details and colored the seagull. The black-and-white coloring and the red beak immediately make the bird even more lively, don’t they?

Learn how to draw a seagull ocean drawing instruction
Learn to Draw a Dolphin

Learn to Draw a Dolphin

Dive into Fun: Learn to Draw Dolphins!

Exploring the world of drawing dolphins is like diving into a magical underwater adventure! Dolphins are super cool creatures with sleek bodies and friendly smiles, just like in your favorite storybooks.

Imagine picking up your crayons or pencils and bringing these amazing animals to life on paper! With each stroke, you’ll discover how to capture the dolphin’s playful spirit and graceful movements.

As you draw, you’ll learn all about the special features that make dolphins so unique, from their curved fins to their shiny, smooth skin. And hey, did you know that dolphins love to jump and play in the waves? You can show that in your drawing too!

Drawing dolphins isn’t just about making pretty pictures. It’s a chance to explore your imagination and express yourself in a fun and colorful way. So grab your art supplies and get ready for an ocean of creativity and joy as you learn to draw your very own dolphins!

Here’s how to draw a dolphin:

Before you begin, you can see roughly how the picture should look at the end. We’ve drawn a dolphin leaping out of the water into the air. The same drawing works for a dolphin underwater too. Then you just need to draw the background slightly differently. Is the dolphin your first project from “Learn to Draw Online”? Then it’s best to check out our guide beforehand.

But now let’s get started! For your dolphin drawing, start with a curved line. It should look a bit like a half-circle. Then add the snout and dorsal fin. The fin is roughly in the middle of the curved line. Now we’re at step three of the drawing guide. Here you draw the mouth – by the way, a smile suits the dolphin very well. Also, close the body in this step. Next, place the eye a little behind the corner of the mouth. Finally, the dolphin just needs its tail fin and two pelvic fins. The drawing is done! And coloring isn’t difficult either: dolphins are usually blue-gray. Their smooth bodies shine when they leap out of the water. You can paint a few bright highlights on the top of the dolphin for this.

How do you like your own dolphin drawing? Soon we’ll offer you a few more marine creatures as drawing tutorials, so stay tuned and come back soon!

Learn how to draw a dolphin ocean drawing instruction
Learn how to draw a clown fish

Learn how to draw a clown fish

The Star from “Finding Nemo”

You probably know the story of the adorable clownfish Nemo, right? The little fish is captured from the sea by humans. His father then does everything in his power to free his son. Thanks to this funny animated film, clownfish became well-known and popular worldwide. Nowadays, you can find them in almost every larger aquarium.

The movie was created using computer-generated 3D animation. Today, we’ll show you how to draw a clownfish like Nemo yourself in 2D, on your paper.

Draw Your Clownfish

To draw this marine creature yourself, start with a droplet shape. It’s sharp on the left and round on the right, like a lying raindrop. Then, in the second step, our clownfish gets an eye. And the tail fin can’t be missing! Additionally, we start drawing the pattern. At first, it’s just two lines in the middle of the fish. The one on the right is slightly curved.

As you follow the instructions below, more fins and patterns are added. If you’re not familiar with our drawing tutorials yet, feel free to check out this guide first. In the fifth step, the little clownfish gets its distinctive fin color. These are almost black on the outer edges. Only a thin white line is visible between this pattern and the tip of the fins.

Color Brings the Clownfish to Life

With many fish, you can experiment with different colors. However, the clownfish is truly recognizable only by its orange-and-white coloration. So, try to color little Nemo as we show you in our guide. Everywhere the black areas of the fins meet, the fish is orange. And the rest of the body remains white. Not so difficult, right?

It’s nice if you don’t just draw one clownfish, but several at once! Maybe you want to draw an aquarium full of fish? Or an entire underwater landscape?

Learn how to draw a clown fish ocean drawing instruction