Learn how to draw a bee

Learn how to draw a bee

Drawing a bee

Because it’s spring and we can see this little insects fly around everytwhere, today we’ll take a look at how to draw a realistic bee in a few steps. Bees are very useful and hardworking creatures. Diligently, they fly over the meadows, pollinating flowers and collecting nectar. This is beneficial for the flowers as well as for humans, who get to enjoy the delicious honey. But enough theory for now – grab your drawing tools and learn how to draw a bee in a few simple steps!

Step-by-step to your masterpiece

Many people think insects, such as bees, are particularly difficult to draw. But that’s not true! They have a simple structure, and mistakes aren’t as noticeable. Unlike with mammals, it’s not a big deal if a leg is too short, an eye too small, or the body too round. So even beginners can confidently attempt drawing a bee. Give it a try – you’ll see how well you can do.

Pay special attention to Step 2 when drawing the bee. It’s crucial because that’s where the shape of the entire body is determined. Make sure to draw the head and abdomen in the right size. Additionally, remember that the head is teardrop-shaped, not round.

When painting the bee, colors are particularly important. The body is yellow-brown, and the eyes, antennae, and legs are black. And don’t forget the black stripes, which are characteristic of this insect! Since the wings are transparent, you can outline their pattern with a slightly lighter and more delicate pen.

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