Learn how to draw an easy butterfly

Learn how to draw an easy butterfly

Spring is approaching

The first flowers are slowly emerging from the ground. Spring is slowly but surely coming! That’s why, out of pure anticipation, today we want to draw a butterfly with you. Usually, our drawing tutorials are rather realistic. Occasionally, however, we also create tutorials that are a bit cuter and simpler. Like this cute butterfly. We wish you lots of fun!

And since we are talking about spring: why not drawing some tulips as well? 

Drawing a simple butterfly

Before you start, take a close look at our drawing instructions. Make sure the butterfly has enough space on your paper and that its wings fit on it. Then, you start with the first step. Actually, the body of the delicate creature is somewhat like an elongated drop. At the top, it’s round so we have space for the face. Everything highlighted in red is added in the respective step. In the second picture, the butterfly gets two dots as eyes and the upper wings. It looks best if the wings are approximately the same size and symmetrical. Feel free to try it several times with a soft pencil before moving on.

By now adding the lower wings about the same size, your insect is almost finished. Under the eyes, you also draw a cheerful smiling mouth. Two antennae go on the head. If you like, you can already consider your butterfly drawing finished here. In the fourth step, we curled the antennae a bit and drew some patterns on the wings. But here, you can also let your imagination run wild!

Butterflies in cheerful spring colors

So, your drawing is now complete. It’s best to go over the lines with a black fineliner to make them bold and long-lasting. When it comes to colors and patterns, you can now let your creativity run wild! Of course, not all color combinations exist in the butterfly world, but there are quite a lot. Besides, this is your very own butterfly, who is happy to shine in your favorite colors.

Learn how to draw easy butterfly insect drawing instruction
Learn how to draw an easy unicorn

Learn how to draw an easy unicorn

Enchanting and totally on trend

Whether as a cuddly toy, keychain, or phone case – they always look great. Unicorns come in all sorts of colors and styles. But the main thing is that they’re cheerful, enchanting, and colorful! These fantastic creatures are therefore rightly popular for good reason. If you want to start your own creative unicorn project, we’ve gathered some inspiration for you on Pinterest. There, you’ll find many ideas for crafting, drawing, and coloring. But of course, here you’ll also find another drawing guide from “Learn to Draw”. Let’s get started!

Step by step to the unicorn

This cute unicorn is not difficult to draw at all. You start with two oval circles. One is for the head, the other will be the body. Then add the horn, as well as two circles that will become the feet. Next, draw an ear, two legs, and an “S” for the tail. In step 4, add a wild mane, where you can let your creativity run wild. With the eye, nose, and hind legs, it already looks like a unicorn. Complete your drawing in the next steps and finally outline everything neatly with a black fineliner. Your unicorn drawing is now ready to be colored and embellished.

Now it gets colorful

Since the unicorn is a fantasy creature, there are no right or wrong colors. Many like pink, purple, white, and rainbow colors, but really, anything goes. It definitely looks very pretty to emphasize the mane and tail with individual strokes. They will then look even more like hair. Also, take a look here, where we’ve shown how to color a picture with markers. It also looks cute if you paint the unicorn’s cheeks pink and highlight the nose with a slightly lighter or darker color. We colored it light purple.

Learn how to draw an easy unicorn fairytale drawing instruction