Learn how to draw a cow

Learn how to draw a cow

Learning to draw a cow

Today, we want to look at how to draw a cow. Drawing a cow is usually not quite easy. Many struggle with proportions and drawing the four legs well. However, if you look closely at a cow, you’ll notice that it also consists of simple basic shapes: circles, rectangles, and lines. As always with drawing: you just need to know how! By the way, it’s worth trying to draw more challenging animals as well. Over time, you’ll become more confident in estimating distances and sizes correctly. But of course, it’s also okay if you want to start with something simpler first. For example, learning to draw a crab, a sheep, or a cute unicorn.

Step by step to the popular farm animal

When drawing the cow, pay special attention to the correct distances. The legs are particularly tricky. So, don’t just quickly draw the small circles anywhere. Look closely: how close are the circles to the body? Are they all the same height? When you connect the circles with lines, you’ll surely notice that cow legs have a direction. The front legs are almost straight. However, the hind legs seem to be bent to the right. This may seem strange to you while drawing, but it makes your cow even more realistic. If you observe closely here, you’ll learn to draw well over time. Drawing and painting are closely related to observation. When you’re finished, outline your drawing neatly with a black pen. Then you can draw the cowhide pattern. This is fun, and you can confidently dare to come up with your own pattern.

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