Learn how to draw a chick *easter*

Learn how to draw a chick *easter*

Hop into Spring: Learn to Draw Easter Chicks!

Drawing a chick is an egg-cellent way to celebrate Easter and unleash your creativity! These fluffy little birds are not only adorable but also incredibly fun to draw.

Imagine the excitement of bringing your own Easter-themed scene to life, complete with cute chicks peeking out of colorful Easter eggs or frolicking in a field of flowers. With each drawing, you’ll spread the joy and magic of Easter to everyone who sees your artwork.

So grab your art supplies and get ready to have a good time as you draw adorable Easter chicks. With each drawing, you’ll capture the spirit of Easter and spread smiles to all who see your artwork.

How to Draw Chicks

First, we need two circles. They are the bodies of the chicks. Then draw two slightly smaller ovals for the head. Add two small circles for the feet. Pay attention to the distances from the body! Add lines for the legs and necks. Next, you’ll need two circles for the eyes. With beaks, wings, and the first claws, the chicks are already recognizable. Draw the feathers somewhat jaggedly and add more details to make your chicks look really cute. Now, trace the chicks cleanly with a fineliner and erase any unnecessary pencil lines. Pay close attention to the drawing to see how the chick looks in detail. Don’t forget, for example, the small lines on the legs or the lines indicating the feathers.

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