Learn how to draw a sailing boat

Learn how to draw a sailing boat

Sailing Through Lakes and Seas

Do you love water as much as we do? Whether you live by the sea or have beautiful, larger lakes in your area, there is much to experience in and on the water. We may not be sailing experts ourselves, but we certainly enjoy watching the pretty boats skillfully using the wind to glide over the water. If you’re already in the sea and beach mood, why not draw your own little holiday paradise? With beach, sea, small sailboats, and of course sunshine. All you need are your favorite pens and a cozy place to draw. Perhaps outside under a nice shady tree or a sun umbrella…

Sailboat step by step

You start with a straight line that is bent on one side. This will be the hull of the boat. So leave a bit of space at the bottom and a lot more space at the top for the rest of the boat.
Boats are curved at the bottom so they can float nicely on the water. Add another line at the top to complete the hull.
The mast consists of a long straight line and a slightly smaller line sticking out to the side. It shouldn’t go all the way to the edge of the hull.
Pay attention to the slight curvature of the sails. They are tightly stretched and bulge a little from the wind blowing into them. Also add a rudder on the left side.
Now we put our boat in the water: so draw waves and erase the underside of the boat. The sails are now finished as well.

Just a few more details and your sailing boat is complete!

And now?

Complete your sailboat with beautiful colors. Leave the sails white or at most give them very light gray or light blue shadows. It looks especially great if you also paint the water and a nice blue sky. Maybe there are also other things to see? For example, a dolphin in the water, ducks or seagulls, a vacationer on an air mattress… your imagination knows no bounds!

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