Learn how to draw a snail

Snails are more impressive than you think

Today we invite you to explore the wonderful world of creativity, with a special focus: the snail. At first glance, a snail may seem unremarkable, but in its slow, persistent manner, it hides a fascinating beauty.

Snails are truly impressive little creatures, and there are so many fascinating reasons why they deserve attention! Firstly, they constantly carry their own small magical houses on their backs, which we call snail shells. It’s like a cozy home they can take with them wherever they go. Imagine being able to carry your bedroom on your back all the time!

What truly makes snails unique is their ability to create small works of art as they move. If you look closely, they leave behind beautiful patterns and trails on their path. It’s as if they’re embellishing the world with colors and shapes as they travel. Snails are like little artists leaving their art everywhere they go!

And did you know that snails are real superheroes? They have amazing abilities! For example, they can extend their eyes on stalks to discover everything around them. This makes them little curious detectives who don’t overlook any details. Snails teach us to explore the world around us with open eyes and a dose of curiosity.

So, the next time you see a snail, remember how special and impressive these little beings are.


Drawing a snail step by step

Now take the drawing guide in hand, let your pen glide over the paper, and watch as your snail comes to life. Trust your own vision and enjoy the process of creation. We’ll give you a few tips on how to succeed:

Snails have no bones. This means that the slimy part of their body can move very flexibly. So, feel free to twist their shape in any direction! Just make sure that the snail shell sits roughly in the middle of the back and that the opening of the snail shell faces the body. In our example, the snail shell is slightly visible from the front. If it’s easier for you, you can also draw a spiral that opens towards the snail’s body. There are snails in all sorts of colors! Both the body and the shell can have various colors and patterns. So, go ahead and experiment, experiment, experiment! The snail’s eyes actually sit right at the top of its long feelers. This allows them to look in many directions, and the sensitive little eyes can quickly retract in danger. Want to make your snail drawing a bit cuter? Then draw it with big, adorable eyes! You’ll see that drawing a snail isn’t actually all that difficult. But as always, don’t be frustrated if it doesn’t work out right away. Practice makes perfect – and it’s also a lot of fun, we think.


Learn how to draw a snail forest animals drawing instruction


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