Learn how to draw a macaw parrot

Learning to Draw a Parrot

Do you want to learn how to draw a parrot? Then you’ve come to the right place! This beautiful drawing project may look impressive, but it’s actually quite manageable even for beginners. And thanks to its colorful plumage, coloring the parrot can be a lot of fun too.

Macaw – Drawing Guide

As mentioned earlier, the colorful bird is suitable even for beginners, despite its seemingly complex appearance. This is because precision in shapes isn’t as crucial as it is, for example, with quadrupeds.

Before you begin, an important note: The macaw is a very tall subject. Therefore, make sure to leave enough space downwards while drawing. Nothing is more frustrating than realizing at the end that the bird unfortunately doesn’t fit entirely onto the paper!

If you look closely at the drawing guide, you’ll surely notice that the parrot consists of many droplet shapes: the body, tail feathers, wings, and beak all resemble droplets of various sizes – sometimes a bit rounder, sometimes a bit shorter or longer. The face, on the other hand, looks like a heart. These are good mnemonic devices that you can remember so that eventually, you can draw the parrot without a guide.

Practice practice practice

As always with drawing: Practice makes perfect. We recommend practicing as often as possible. It’s worth it! Drawing is a great, relaxing activity that promotes concentration and creativity. And it’s hugely motivating when you notice over time that you’re improving. So, grab your drawing tools! Why not try it out right away and leave us a comment on how it went with the macaw? We’d be especially delighted to receive pictures of your artwork.

Learn how to draw a macaw parrot exotic bird drawing instruction


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